Proper Way to check whethar JavaScript is disabled or not?

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my this post is based on this post

this is my jsfiddle

My Question is if I am using Approach as I am using in my jsfiddle.ent problem is when each time user load a page then that message display for some time and after that it disable.

Which is a Bad user experience something is showing and suddenly hiding.So what I want is that message should display something like when javaScript is disabled properly.

code is working fine But sometimes its bad user experience that msg shows for some fraction of seconds and then disable


Put a CSS rule inserted by JavaScript in the head.

    <!-- Stuff -->
        ;(function(){var a=document.createElement("style");a.innerHTML="#enable-js{display:none}",document.head.appendChild(a)})();
<div id="enable-js">YOU SHOULD ENABLE JS</div>

(which is the same thing I said in your last thread, why did you make a new one for the same question?)
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