Proper description posting

What is the acceptable format when you describe a good description. Is it the way each keyword has been placed or having a concise and direct description to your product?

Tell more specific. What description you would like to do? For what purposes?

I agree with Autsin80ss although in thise case I can give you a generic answer: a good description is that one that’s clear and leave no doubts and which it has just the right length. With the right length I mean that no extra words are added unnecessarily.

Proper use of description:

When creating a description on your on page SEO purposes, you should write at least 160-170 words and include 3 keywords on the articles.

Some time discussion is not match with our related product then we Don’t discuss about the product and describe about the current issue in discussion.

The OP hasn’t come back to clearify his question, and the answers aren’t very useful either. I’m closing this thread.
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