Promoting Seasonal Articles

I wrote a few articles whose topics become popular on a seasonal basis. These articles usually end up in the 10 top of searches, but I’d really like to position myself at the top for each of these topics.

Outside of on-page metrics, but else could be done to promote these articles as the season approaches with the goal of pushing them up the rankings for their respective keywords? I have lots of in-bound links to my home page, but not so many to these particular articles.

You can Bookmark your Article Page in Different Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit… It will give you good referral traffic an incoming links to your article page and will help to get good SERP on targeted keyword.

Make use of the power of networking. Four of the most powerful and popular networking sites today are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Studying how these sites work can surely gain massive traffic to your niche. It’s also helpful if you’re converting your written contents to instructional videos. With this strategy, your niche will be loved by visual learners and your YouTube Community will gain more unique clicks.

Seasonal articles are best promoted on social media sites. People love reading stuff which is trending and nothing can be a better platform than social media sites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. If you succeed in gaining the most traffic on your stuff, you may rank on the top for ever on those keywords.