Promoting project in the USA

I’m from EU and I created 2 short-term projects. By short-term I mean projects that would possibly generate fixed revenue and then stop, like selling fixed amount of something. Because of the nature of those projects I kinda doubt that they would succeed in the EU.

Why do I think that? First of all I’m from a small country (Croatia) and let’s exclude UK from that, they are kinda smaller America.

  • Hardly anything goes from within Croatia or other EU country outside of it, of course it does, but I’m talking about projects or tech that are not making significant influence on the world.
  • I know few examples that went beyond borders of Croatia but was shut down fast, didn’t get much attention
  • Culture and language, among other things, are way too different between EU countries and most of them are reporting mostly news from their own country
  • UK/US media is much bigger, larger and have more influence on the world

I know that my projects won’t be recognized in my country at all or even if they were people won’t be interested, market is too small and mindset is closed-minded. My main question here is, should I even try with promoting those projects in the UK/USA alone or should I find a partner for it?

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How are you expecting to get a reasonable answer to that without saying anything about the projects other than ‘they are short-term projects’?

At this point, my advice is ‘find a partner’, just because you need someone that can articulate what your projects actually are.

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