Programs to view/edit csv files?

Are there some programs convinient to view/edit csv files under kubuntu 18 ?
Maybe pluging for phpStorm ?

Well any spreadsheet program should be able to handle CSV files. So it would rather depend on personal preference.


I’ve used LibreOffice Calc for working with CSV files. I have had some problems with it with extremely large datasets, eg. census data for QGIS. I solved the problem by writing PHP script that parsed the CSV, broke it into smaller sized subset files, removed data I didn’t need for the map, and put the data back into a single file of a size that LibreOffice Calc could work with.

But note, the problem was with an extremely large file. I think for most use cases it would be fine.

What is the maximum number of cells, rows, columns and sheets in a LibreOffice spreadsheet?

  • The maximum number of columns is 1,024 (from column A to column AMJ);
  • the maximum number of rows is 1,048,576 (220);
  • the maximum number of cells in one sheet is 1,073,741,824 (230 which is more than 1 billion cells);
  • the maximum number of characters in one cell is 32767;
  • the maximum number of individual sheets in a complete worksheet is 10000.
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