Programmer Crashed My site... Help?

Hello out there,

i hired a programmer to update my website from odesk. He was
not willing to complete the tasks that I had outlined for him in
the time that he said it would take. I gave him an
extra week and saw no changes. The tasks then took another
programmer a couple days to complete the same tasks.

I agreed to pay the first programmer for his time but parted on
bad terms. The first programmer used a script then to crash
the site. I believe in the database and through jquery…

I have not been able to get a hold of my second programmer as
this only happened a couple hours ago…

Can anyone suggest how I can solve this issue…?

Thanks for any help you can offer…

I find it hard to understand how he crashed your site using jQuery since

A.) He needs the access information to your database
B.) He needs to have a 3rd party script to even have access

Do you know what kind of damage his done to the database?