Product service marketing?

i m working on our product service marketing. please , help me how to do this?
Right now, i can do facebook through marketing. So, what about next step?
how to spread it?

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You can add as many friends as you can on facebook. By adding, you can get like, comment and more shares. This will help in spreadness among different people.

If you are looking at marketing for your company and want to learn some of the basics (and even more advanced strategies i recommend the following forum, which I’ve been using a resource for years.

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There are many ways for marketing products and services. some of which are:

  1. print and graphic arts media which includes brochures, postures, magazines, newspapers
  2. electronic media includes television, radio, Internet
  3. promotional gifts

Yean considering only forums does not only help you . you have to share your posts more on different platforms.

I believe @mainstwebguy1 was suggesting those forums as a place to learn, not as a place for promotion. (Despite the impression you may get from some posts here, learning and sharing are the primary purposes of forums; self-promotion is generally unwelcome.)

@NehaSaxena: your question is somewhat unclear. Are you asking specifically about using social media for marketing purposes? (You have posted in the Social Media category, rather than the Marketing category.)

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