Problems with the ipad/iphone and my new website

Hi all. I’ve just finished coding up my first proper website and having tested it on all the browsers you can install on a windows PC I was hoping that things would go painlessly. Not so…

When I borrowed my friends ipad and looked the page took an absolute age to load. And sometimes it wouldn’t load at all. After checking other websites etc I’m sure it’s not the connection. I have some Javascript I had never used before, could this be causing the problem? Sometimes it looks like it’s taking a long time loading the FB, google and twitter buttons. Do they cause problems on iphones and ipads?

Unfortunately my problem is made worse because I can’t easily get my hands on an ianything as I don’t own one myself and all the emulators/simulators I’ve found don’t appear to be 100% authentic. So it’d even be useful if someone could tell me if they have problems too.

Can anyone help me out?
the site’s at

I’d appreciate it :slight_smile:

I just tried it on my iPhone here is Australia and the site loaded in a flash, so it might be the connection you were on.

One thing you can do is visit your local computer / phone store and quietly test your site in their iPhone / iPad and other devices. I do that quite often. :smiley:

That is a bloody brilliant idea! Haha! I’m going to suggest that to everyone now. 1st class thinking and slap-it-up Apple.

Were you using a iphone 5 or 4? I’ve had other people saying their iphone5 was ok so I’m guessing my friends ipad is a ipad4 since it’s having the problem. Can I also ask, do you see a ‘price range’ link under the horizontal nav bar under the header? It’s meant to appear on the right side of that nav bar, not underneath.

In the ipad it was underneath but on iphone simulators it’s not. Weird

thanks for the response by the way :slight_smile:

I’m iPhone 4S, still on iOS5, rather than the latest version.

do you see a ‘price range’ link under the horizontal nav bar under the header?

Do you mean the brown “view the range” button? For me, it appears in the same place on the iPhone as on the desktop browser.

no it says ‘price range’ (although there is also a view the range button)

the price range is meant to be on the right hand side of the nav bar, but I think it appears underneath coz it gets pushed to the side.

O, I see what you are referring to. Yes, the last item drops on the iPhone.

The problem is that you can’t reliably measure out nave items like that with padding alone, but there are solutions for this. See this post, for example (as well as the rest of the thread):

Thats awesom. Thanks so much for pointing that out. Good Karma your way <waft waft>