Problems with IE

Hi everyone,
I am designing this website for a charter school, and i came up with this basic design as my “theme”, however it renders diffrently in Chrome, FX, Safari and so on, than it does in IE (what a surprise :rolleyes:), the problem is the divs im using to organize the site will not overlap.

Heres where you can see the HTML for the project:

Here is where you can see the css:

try it out in chrome and then try it again in IE,

also i dont think this matters much but the content for the divs is coming from text files which i use PHP to include in the site (to make it easier to edit).

Thanks alot,

Turning off “margin-top” in the developer tools brings the title up…
What I think you need to do is set the margins on the H* elements.

For example, setting H1 in title to a margin of 0 removes the dependency on margin-top:-20px;

Thanks alot, that worked perfectly