Problems in iOS with logo being cut off

Hello all, I can’t seem to figure out what’s causing my logo to be cut off on iOS (ipad/iphone) while it works fine on PC, iMac, and android devices. It’s strange that only that image in the row is being cut off and not the text, but i can’t seem to find the cause.

Anyone spot what i’m missing?

you can see an example of it happening at the following link. The logo is the flag in the upper left corner.


You have images set to height:auto so I wonder if this is affecting the image when the media query clicks in. Try setting a correct size for the image in the media query. Add a class to the image and then specify the width and height in the css.

I just looked at the site on the mac iphone emulator and could see the logo was cut off but now it seems to be the right size so I guess you may have tweaked it while I was looking at it.

Thanks Paul,

Yeah the code for the logo was originally built in (it’s a joomla template with template parameters) i ended up just changing the template file to point to the image and st it’s height there… it was totally that auto issue!

thanks again for the response