Problem With Z-Index

I have a page that uses Simple Modal by Eric Martin, and also has a Flash object and an embedded YouTube video iframe on the same page. When I test the page in Safari it works great, but in IE8, IE9, and IE10 the z-index seems to be not working well. The problem is that the modal window lays underneath the Flash and video. The Flash object and YouTube embed are set to a z-index of less than 100, and the Simple Modal is set to over one thousand. Why would the Simple Modal lay behind those other two objects?

Can someone help me out?


Thanks in advance,


Add wmode=“opaque” to the flash. A simple google will show hundreds of like threads.

It looks like it would be helpful to read a bit about positioning and z-indexes in particular:

and the post following it.

Thanks to everyones input. The fix was as follows:

  • adding <param name=“wmode” value=“opaque” /> to the Flash object


  • adding &wmode=opaque to the end of my YouTube iframe src

wmode transparent will work to but opaque is better if you can use it. Less computing or something don’t remember exactly without a google.