Problem with W3C WSDL v1.1 Specification

Thanks to an error in the W3C specification I have had to re-write hundreds of lines of code due to a problem with the official W3C specification for WSDL v1.1.

When writing a WSDL file to define a SOAP Binding the SOAP header element MUST contain a part attribute and NOT a parts attribute.

You can see the technical details of the error in the specification in my forum under the topic Error in W3C WSDL 1.1 Specification. W3C has been unresponsive on this issue so I’m taking it upon myself to make sure that the people who should know this information are able to attain it.

Why are you implementing SOAP/WSDL yourself in 2011? It is an ugly beast but every vendor on the face of the earth has a complete and even oftentimes cross-platform compatible toolkit out there now.