Problem with UTF-16LE characters reading csv with php

I have a php script that reads a csv file (it has UTF-16LE encoding).
The problem is that at some lines the array of php reading the lines of the csv is collapsed because of some Greek characters.
A example is bellow (there are 7 elements at the array and the bellow has only 2), how can I solve this problem?

     [0] => 205198
     [1] => Label 4.2 Βάση για Σ▒

My code is bellow

  $array = file_get_contents($this->listUrl);      
         $array = mb_convert_encoding($array, 'UTF8', 'UTF-16LE');   // Convert the file to UTF8
         $array = preg_split("/\R/", $array);                        // Split it by line breaks       
         $array = array_map(function ($v) {
             return str_getcsv($v, ";");
         }, $array);

Where exactly does the problem start? That is, is it getting into $array in your first statement correctly, and then going wrong subsequently? Maybe using fread() (which is described as a “binary safe file reader”) might be more successful? That would only help of course if it’s the initial read that’s causing it.

Thank you for the replay.
I set the code bellow but the problem exists , I suppose that the problem is at str_getcsv function since the code bellow does not solve the problem

$handle = fopen($this->listUrl, “r”);
$array = fread($handle, filesize($this->listUrl));

I used the code bellow and it seems working

$array = str_getcsv($array, "\n");
        foreach ($array as &$Row) {
            $Row = str_getcsv($Row, ";");          

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