Problem with URI encoding

I have a page generated by a php script which includes the following in the source code for the page:

<a href=“index.php?opt=decline” >Decline registration at this time</a>

What the browser actually sends is:


What the???

There is nothing in the php script or in the source code that indicates that any of the characters represented in this URI encoding are present. Hidden characters???

Why, where and how is it inserting this code? How do I stop this injection??



%E2%80%9C is “fancy start curly quotes” and %E2%80%9D is “fancy end curly quotes”
You sure you didn’t copy-paste from Word somewhere?

This is useful. I was using heredoc syntax and I think I may have laid it out in Textedit, which is usually fine, but I will check out the quotes.

I couldn’t find an interpretation of the codes.