Problem with two thumbnail pictures in the same line

I tried to create thumbnail pictures that link to larger pictures with the following code:

  <a href="large pictures/picture1.html">
    <img src="thumbnail1.jpg">
  <a href="large pictures/picture2.html">
    <img src="thumbnail2.jpg">

The code works. But there is a little problem: there is a very short line between the two thumbnails at the bottom in the browser(IE and firefox, I haven’t tested other browsers). I wish I could upload a picture to show the problem, but the system says new users can’t upload pictures.

Does anyone know what’s the problem?

I’ve figured it out. It’s just the underline of a link.

Thanks for letting us know that you solved the issue.

Spend a few minutes looking around SitePoint and reading some of the messages (the help topics are often a good place to start) and you will find that you have been upgraded and can then include images in your posts.



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