Problem with some sort of phantom padding


So I Downloaded a template that I thought fit exactly what I needed instead of building my own CSS. In retrospect, maybe this was not the smartest idea, as it seems to have a lot of junk in it. I got rid of all the modules that came with it (I use Joomla as well) and added ones that I liked. I guess I feel the need to explain all that because I suppose it is not really up to the standard I am sure most are use to. My last site I built all my own CSS for, but my skills have gotten rusty and I just needed to get something up fast. Maybe in the near future I can start from scratch.

Anyways, in several of my module positions, I seem to have some form of padding going on, but I cannot see where. For example, in my navigation area up top, it is not lined up with the border around it. Same with the module below it. The module below it, the slideshow, it seems to be off to the right. Like there is padding to the left. But I have gone through all the objects and see nothing that would be adding the padding. The issue is not so noticeable in Chrome and Safari, but is clearly even more of an issue in Firefox.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Using webdev for Firefox, I can see where some of it is coming from. Some of the CSS templates and PHP seems to be adding it, but if I change what is causing it, it messes up other sections/modules.

As per the navigation issue, on “.rt-block” you have some rules set on it which set padding/margin. That’s causing the space of hte navigation. Set them to 0 (the top value anyway) and the space will recede.

As per the slideshow issue, as a default rule you set this

.rt-grid-1, .rt-grid-2, .rt-grid-3, .rt-grid-4, .rt-grid-5, .rt-grid-6, .rt-grid-7, .rt-grid-8, .rt-grid-9, .rt-grid-10, .rt-grid-11, .rt-grid-12 

I mean ON that rule you set margins which make the space you were talking about :). You have this rule defined

.rt-container .rt-grid-12

So on that rule just set the margin to 0 and that space will go away as well :).