Problem with pages from a template

I have a really stupid problem which is driving me nuts as I cannot figure out how to solve it.
The website - if you look at i.e. the pages and , the pages “jump” when I go from one to the other. The same with some of the other pages on this website.
I have created these pages using the same template, and even if I try to resave the “historik.html” page as “snabbfakta.html” and just edit the content, it doesn´t work.
Would be very grateful for any help!
Thanks in advance!

Hi jmandersson. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “jumps”? What browser are you using? I see a jump, but it’s because I’m using Chrome, and Chrome keeps offering to translate the page (by inserting a message at the top) … but that’s the only jump I see.

Hi ralph.m. Thanks for your reply!
The page “moves” a few pixels to the left or to the right (depending on which pages I am visiting) - not much but enough to be really annoying, especially since I can´t figure out why…Same thing in all browsers I have checked (IE, firefox, safari, chrome)…

That is most likely due to the browser scrollbar; if the page is too long to fit in one window the scrollbar will appear and thus the content will seem to move left to account for the presence of the scrollbar on the right. If you have a very small browser window and view both those pages you will notice it won’t move left since the scrollbar would already be in place. Unless you mean something else regarding the content moving?

Just got the solution :slight_smile:
Added this to the stylesheet which worked :slight_smile:

html {
overflow-y: scroll;

thanks a million for your help though!