Problem with online exam result

Hi there
Having a problem in an online exam result
For now everything is ok, user take exam and get the result immediately after the exam.
The result for each Q has the Q’s title, Q’s body and user mistakes.
Problem is about when the user want to check the exam result after for ex. 2 weeks and after this 2 weeks some Qs maybe has change, some new questions adds and some Qs were removed!

what should i do? how to solve the problem?

thanks in advanced

It will be quite difficult to answer the question without rather more details to tell us how the exam is set up and designed to behave. Can you tell us more about it?

there are some diff kind of questions
for example one of em has a tag within it and inside the tag, the answer key will store!
in the other side, when a user is taking an exam, instead of that tag, will see an input box to fill and answer. after the exam, the report card will be create by comparing the user answer in input box and the word inside the tag, if they are same, the answer is correct and so on…

till here everything is ok and the problem is when the user want to check the report card after two weeks and within this two weeks, the question content change and the word inside the tag is not as same as before.

how can i show a correct report card to user after this changes? the report card will be correct for users that take an exam after changes!


It sounds like your database needs some unique ids.

Can you post the current schema?

i will post necessary tables:

  1. exam table that contain exam main information
  2. user_exam that will be used to check a user has permission to take an exam, for
    exam after pay, i will insert the user_id and exam_id will add to
    this table, columns(user_id, exam_id) is not a key because i want to
    let ppl to take one exam for multiple times
  3. question for store questions
  4. answer to store answer(i think is not complete, but i
    didnt change it to find a good solution for problem)

I think your solution needs to have some way of ensuring that any question, that has been answered by any student, does not get deleted. By all means, find a way of marking it such that it doesn’t get used in any future exam, but don’t delete it. Once you do that, you’ve got no way of presenting it back to any student that did an exam with it in.

about delete, yes i can mark an exam as delete, but dont delete it actually
what about update and question and change the content …


I’d suggest the same again. If you’re not happy with a question/answer combination, then leave it untouched - a student could rightly complain that it was amended after the fact, and so had the sense of it changed. If you feel a question needs to be clarified or replaced altogether, mark the flawed version so it doesn’t appear in an exam again, and create a new question.

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