Problem with my GoDaddy Hosting

Hello everyone,

I have three websites working on and we bought the domain and hosting at go daddy, as soon as we updating our site, the hosting got a problem, sometimes it’s database error, sometimes hosting problem, what can I do to avoid this? Do I need to switch to other hosting?

Need an answer.

Do I need to switch to other hosting?

That may indeed be the case. Most of the instability I saw at Godaddy was related to performance issues - basically the server being so slow that execution basically stalled.

as soon as we updating our site

So, you’re doing some updates to your site, and only then you see the errors you mentioned? It could be that the update screwed something up. Try to restore the site to its old form, from your backups, if you have any. If there’s a problem with your script, changing hosts is unlikely to be a solution.

I am also having problems with Godaddy, mostly to do with database access errors which log “Unable to connect to the database”.

This problem has virtually been resolved due to using a free cloud hosting service which caches the HTML output instead of accessing the database every time to retrieve content.

I have had lengthy online discussions and emails trying to resolve the intermittent problems. It is not easy to find online support people who recognise the problem. Support ignore the supplied logs and request a screen dump…

Current problem is “Website Currently Unavailable” which only shows on my desktop but not on my Smartphone? I think this problem is due to the flaky Internet Service Provider which I cannot change due to only one service offered in the apartment block. Upon reflection I could move to another apartment block :slight_smile:

Just remembered after the last Online Support Ticket I received the automated “Please help us by completing a survey”. Most of my comments were “Please allocate some of the advertising budget to fixing hardware problems. A better product will attact more customers”.

Try to see how it works on another connection. Maybe your local library or a nearby coffee shop. Godaddy is more of a domain provider than a top notch host in my opinion.

Yeah, If that’s the case we’ll I need to change my hosting, but what hosting site is the best?

In updating of our site, we do also updating changes from the content which is technically connected to the database so the performance of the site still bad.

What do you mean by that? We’ll we are sending screenshot to the GoDaddy Support. The problem still exist even they try to fix it. It’s very annoying especially when database connection got a problem.

Our Building where our office is located is near starbucks, I don’t think that cause the problem too hehe

They have been all stuck up with their SOPA ordeal that they forgot about the customer. You should definitely be on the market searching for alternative options. You shouldn’t be paying for problems. Just my 2 cents.


What do you mean by that? We’ll we are sending screenshot to the GoDaddy Support. The problem still exist even they try to fix it. It’s very annoying especially when database connection got a problem.

The problems are intermittent which leads me to believe the Godaddy Database Server cannot handle the load.

As mentioned in a previous post about using the Cloud hosting service:

  1. a user request is first sent to Godaddy
  2. the request is routed to the Cloud Hosting
  3. Cloud hosting either delivers their cached result page
    or requests a fresh page from Godaddy, caches the Godaddy result
  4. Cloud Hosting then delivers the cached page to the user.
  5. Hopefully the user receives a valid page and not a Godaddy error page/

I have a PHP script that logs all Godaddy PHP errors. On a daily basis I get over 5,000 page impressions and if I do not have the URL routed to the cloud hosting I get hundreds of the following error messages:

log file:

ERROR - 22:15:49 -->
    Severity: Warning  --> mysql_connect()  [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]:
     Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 110 /
     XXXX/YYYYYt/12345/424242/html/path-to/framework/system/database/drivers/mysql/mysql_driver.php 83
ERROR - 22:15:49 --> Unable to connect to the database

Go Daddy web hosting is the absolute worst! You could not have picked a worse company to host your sites with. And I hosted with them, so I speak from experience.

You can do one of two things. Wait it out and hope Go Daddy figures out how to resolve the problem eventually or jump ship and get another web host. If you wait it out I’m sure you will eventually have other problems like super slow loading webpages.

ERROR - 22:15:49 -->
Severity: Warning --> mysql_connect() [<a href=‘function.mysql-connect’>function.mysql-connect</a>]:
Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 110 /
XXXX/YYYYYt/12345/424242/html/path-to/framework/system/database/drivers/mysql/mysql_driver.php 83
ERROR - 22:15:49 --> Unable to connect to the database

That looks like it could be an error related to remotely hosted MySQL, which is what Go Daddy does. Most web hosts have their database servers on the same machine as their web server. The benefit is that there is reduced latency because there is no network request to make to the database server. Not Go Daddy. They have dedicated database servers.

I suppose it is possible that the request is timing out because of an overloaded database server. There could also be a problem in the data center with a bad router or switch, too. If it’s the result of an overloaded server, you’ll get an idea why people can’t wait to leave Go Daddy.

Hello joseninogarcia,

I work at Go Daddy and would like to help you out if your problem remains. If you want to PM the domain name I can take a look at what is going on with this.


I have been hosting my own websites and well as working on clients’ websites hosted on Godaddy but always having such issues. I have now moved all my sites to another hosting and no such problems again. I have found their servers to be quite slow and frequent downtime as well. It will be good if Mike can help you out as he works there.


I am delighted to report that I have not had a single Godaddy Database Connection Error for the past 7 days.


I am glad to hear your issues have been resolved as well!

I have had so many problems with Godaddy that it isn’t funny. Well over 150 sites built there, and each of them fail at least 20% of the time. I have cache’d lightened, uninstalled plugins, worked with the config, and anything else that I can think of. And it’s not just in WordPress. It happens quite frequently in several other platforms too. I think that if Godaddy would spend the money on fixing up their network and hardware that they spend advertising, or hiring people to post in this forum, there would be a lot less problems and lost customers. I recently just switched hosting providers, and will be moving all of my business away from Godaddy, due to the fact that when I call support, they tell me that it’s my custom code that doesn’t work. It’s kind of funny, but it seems to be my custom code that doesn’t work when it’s a fresh install using the Godaddy WordPress app??? The same thing installs just fine at iPage, Host Gator, even 1&1 who limit your PHP memory??? I think it’s just time to come clean and stop the lying. Don’t tell people they are having a problem when it is in fact your network. It’s a lot easier to stomach. If you say, yes there is a problem and we are working on it very hard, it is bearable. Instead you have your support reps hand that out as the first answer, and then the poor sap who hears that spends days going through his code and not getting anywhere. Is there no shame in wasting another human beings life??

Sorry, I just figured that someone could tell it like it was, and maybe save some people valuable hours of their lives.

Welcome to the club. :lol:

Wordpress is a pretty bloated script. Each based on a default installation of Wordpress 3.x, each pageview required the inclusion of 76 PHP files. That means the server has to seek, read, and load into memory 76 files for each request. That’s a lot and if a server is overloaded, it isn’t going to perform well.

Go Daddy has a new majority owner as of last June. I thought maybe paying over $2 billion for a majority stake in the company with the worst reputation for web hosting in the industry, that the new owner would invest to make things better. After one year it doesn’t look that way.

Go Daddy did that “it’s your fault” crap to me when I complained of extremely slow loading times. They had me do crap like clear my browser cache, do a traceroute, etc. Pageloads for an SMF forum I was using were taking 30 seconds to load a page. The timer built into SMF output the page creation time at the bottom, it was taking 20 seconds for the script to run during peak times of the day.

On another board I visited in the past, the webmaster(s) had posted about how Go Daddy advised them to delete forum posts to make the site load faster. So they trashed thousands of their posts and it didn’t help at all.

I wasted hours with them, too. I’m sure you will find hosting your sites with a better company is much less stressful.

If either of you are still having issues I would be glad to look into the problem. Just send me a PM with your ticket number and I will take a look.


It takes a lot of courage to come here where GoDaddy bashing is a common sport (for good reason by all accounts). I hope that you can help our members and, in doing so, restore a bit of your reputation as a host (while, I trust, retaining your reputation as a registrar). Thank you for making the effort.



Go Daddy has representatives out on all the major webmaster boards doing the same thing. I don’t have a problem with that and, in fact, in normal circumstances I would consider it a good business practice. I just think GD should devote more resources to providing good service instead of calming angry customers after the fact. If the quality is good people won’t be complaining in the first place.

Amen to that!