Problem with dropdown menu being cut off


I contacted both parties of the designed website template and the css menu on why the drop down menu is being cut off and no response yet.
Wondering if someone here can help me zero in on the solution.

how would I do this if I cannot post the urls…?

i will display sites to see if it is enough.

i am just using the navigation menu parts.

actually, I can use anyone cross browser complaint horizontal drop down menu to make it work.[dot] htm

this is a challenge at least for me

thanks in advance

Why have you destroyed the links?


I’m no guru on css menus but I had a problem recently where a banner rotator in a cms was hiding my drop downs (they appeared behind rather than in front of it).

Turned out I needed to z-index all the components of the menu system so they would always stack on top of other content. I added z-index:10; to every css statement relating to the menu system and it worked.

Don’t know if this the problem you are having but might be worth a try.


What is the site on which you are having the problem?

the site is under construction not even a domain yet…
just not sure why a drop down menu will not work with the template. there are overflow:hidden areas within the css

i’ll try another css menu to see if that solves the problem but hopefully someone can diagnose the problem quicker as this will come up again somewhere down the road and we’d all like to know.

As Pulsator suggested, try z-index. According to the grc-css, like this:

.menu {
	position: relative;
	z-index: 1000;

(Usually z-index:1 is enough.)

I must say I am quite impressed with your answer pulsator and erik.
The z-index did work. I thought it would not work as I only applied it to the .menu area.

And it makes the menu drop down in IE6 and firefox , BUT when you move your mouse just below the menu in IE6 the sub-menu still shows when the 1st menu is not hovered on.

It is progress though.

Should I make all the div areas z-indexed ?


my problem
I have a drop down menu in an html page which views fine in Safari & Firefox, but in IE6 the drop downs are cut off by the swf elements on the page which they appear over top of fine in the other browsers. Any suggesetions? I attach my Problem Figure in IE6 and the Good figure in FF , please help me to make that work in IE6 also… Thanks in advance