Problem with bar chart (Need Help)

Hi there,

I am currently doing a bar chart to display my data but there is some problem.

Here’s the code I have:







<?php // content="text/plain; charset=utf-8"
require_once ('jpgraph/jpgraph.php');
require_once ('jpgraph/jpgraph_bar.php');

$data1y=array($gpa11,$gpa21,$gpa31,$gpa41, $gpa51);
$data2y=array($gpa12,$gpa22,$gpa32,$gpa42, $gpa52);

// Create the graph. These two calls are always required
$graph = new Graph(350,200,'auto');

$theme_class=new UniversalTheme;

$graph->yaxis->SetTickPositions(array(0,30,60,90,120,150), array(15,45,75,105,135));

$graph->xaxis->SetTickLabels(array('Year 1','Year 2','Year 3','Year 4','Year 5'));

// Create the bar plots
$b1plot = new BarPlot($data1y);
$b2plot = new BarPlot($data2y);

// Create the grouped bar plot
$gbplot = new GroupBarPlot(array($b1plot,$b2plot));
// ...and add it to the graPH



$graph->title->Set("GPA Performance Graph");

// Display the graph

When I click to display the graph, it give a statement “JpGraph Error: 25067 Your manually specified scale and ticks is not correct. The scale seems to be too small to hold any of the specified tick marks.” What should be done to correct this? Please advice :frowning: