Problem with addtime() function

This is samiuddin. I am having table in mysql which contain two fields like pickupdate and pickuptime.

I am using the query on this table to add time

suppose the pickupdate column is having the value as 2012-08-06 and pickuptime is having the value as 23:00:00

select addtime(‘pickupdate pickuptime’,‘2:00:00’) from xyz ;

but it is not adding the time, it is giving the result as 2:00:00

but when I am writing the function with direct values it is working properl.
select addtime(‘2012-08-06 23:00:00’ ,‘2:00:00’)
it is giving the result as 201208-07 1:00:00

please help me out to resolve the issue


Instead of having a date column and a time column, why not use a datetime column?

you cannot add a time of 2:00:00 to a string

plus, do what guido suggests, use a single datetime column

Thanks for your reply.

Dear Sir

I even tried add only time column.

for example

addtime(‘pickuptime’,‘2:00:00’) the value in the pickup time is 4:00:00,

but then also it is not working. It is giving only 2:00:00

please help me out


‘pickuptime’ is a string
pickuptime is a column name
Get rid of the single quotes.

It won’t do you any good adding two hours to just the time though. What if you have date 2012-01-01 and time 23:00:00. What will happen if you add two hours to the time column?

Like I said before, why don’t you change your table layout and use a datetime column instead of the two separate columns your’re using now?

Thanks for your reply. I got the solution I used concat function on those two columns and I got the expected result.