Problem using multiple JQuery scripts


A client asked me to create this site with modals that each contain a small gallery. I used Colorbox to create the windows and Highslide for the galleries. See link;

Then he saw an example of a script named Mosaic and wanted it incorporated into the original design. Mosaic creates sliding boxes that pop up with captions when you rollover an image. Working from the base html file I got everything to work perfectly locally on my machine. After I uploaded everything to my site to test it out things went very wrong. See link;

Everything works until you click on one of the images to launch a gallery. Then the entire site seems to fall to pieces. Any idea what I did wrong or where I can correct my mistake? I am assuming there is a server issue since it works on my machine.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

These are the JQuery scripts I used;

Its not a server error. Javascript is all front-side code. So its processed in the browser not the server. Look through the click() commands to find the problem.