Problem to display the form data from one page to another

i am a beginner of php programing. I have an problem regarding passing the form data from one page to another.

I used to build a form using HTML form fields by collecting the data from database, and edited that data, but our confirmation i use one form to display that edited data before updated that record in the database.
Problem is ::
data can be retrieved from database and display in the first form and am edited that one,submitting the form that edited data is not displayed in the second form.(i used post method and Session variables also) but the problem remains.

use the link to understand the problem:

and the php code is:

by using post method and create the session variables from that like this:
$title = $_POST[‘title’];
$_SESSION[‘title’] = $_POST[‘title’];
$body = $_POST[‘body’];
$body1 = stripslashes($body);
$author = $_POST[‘author’];
$email = $_POST[‘email’];

Note::: If i use the same code it will work in the local server,but when i host into web server it is not working,this problem am facing from 1 week.

Thank you in advance to the experts for helping me.

i change the variable names of session variables and globals. But the data is not posted to second form.

same error it is displayed.

please help me the other way.

i modified the variable names but the problem remains same.
Give any other solution for it.

I posted the solution here:

No need to create two threads :wink: