Problem Playing Dual-layer Bluerays

I’ve got a problem playing dual layer bluerays, in PowerDVD they load but they just display a black screen and mediaplayer just sees an empty disc. I used to be able to play the standard edition of Avatar (which is a dual-layer disc) ok but it won’t now play.

I’ve tried on two different computers niether will play either the standard or collectors edition of Avatar, on both computers there are no driver updates available for the blueray drive. Both computers are running Windows 7 (64bit). Both computers will play other bluerays as I tried a Battlestar Galactica blueray and it played fine on both computers.

The only thing that I can think of is that the Avatar bluerays might have some sort of DRM stuff on them which has gone wrong. Has anyone got any ideas?

I’d say try a firmware update for the drive. Firmware updates come with updates to read newer discs with newer DRM protection schemes.

If your drive isn’t on the list, try the search link on the left side of the page. Or, go directly to the drive manufacturer’s website.

I tried doing a firmware update, it went wrong, it seems like it tried to update the firmware on on DVD writer instead on the blueray and now i can’t open the dvd writer. I might swap the dvd writer out with a blueray-dvd writer combi drive anyway. I’ll boot the pc concerned into its bios later to have a look to see if I can properly id the manufacturer there.

You can usually find the model number of the drive in the device manager, or listed with Belarc Advisor.

Firmware also work for me, so i will recommend you firmware too. But i do not what is type of problem you face during its updation.

In the end I fixed it by upgrading from PowerDVD 8 to PowerDVD 10. I’m still going to swap out the dvd writer with a 2nd bluray drive then at some point in the future I’ll get the firmware on the dvd writer fixed