Problem of using data Type as my data will hugely increase

Hi, can I ask some help…my problem is that my table has column let_id as an example. now on first design the let_id is integer, but after few months I noticed that many data are not inserted anymore because the value of my let_id is increasing and the data Type ( Int ) is cannot handle anymore. so I change it to BIGINT and the data is inserted again. my problem is that in the future what if the BIGINT cannot handle anymore ? what is my solution for this ?.

Note: the data is coming from the third party web app, and I just grab the data and inserted it to my table…

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

INTEGER can handle values up to 2 billion (4 billion if UNSIGNED)

so you’re saying you have that many rows? or is it a smaller table but the third party web app is just using unreasonably large numbers for let_id?

BIGINT can handle values up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 (twice that if UNSIGNED)

there is no numeric datatype larger

Yes , I have just 1200 rows but the let_id is getting bigger.

Is it possible you’re using the id as a key when it is intended to be only an id?

i don’t mean this to sound sarcastic, but could you rephrase that in english? are you talking about PKs? auto_increments? indexes?

Yes, exactly. :wink:

I was wondering if the source data was something like

id = some auto incr number 
looks_like_a_table_id = not auto incr numbers 

then on the client

id = auto incr number 
INSERT SET id VALUE looks_like_a_table_id 

might be eating up the range. It’s the only thing I could think of that might explain the choke happening at 1200 rows.

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