Problem in IE7

i am working on building a site and it looks good in most browsers but it seems as though there is a CSS issue when its viewed in IE7 or 6. I dont know for sure because i don’t have IE6 or 7 on my system but i tried using compatibility view in IE8 and i also tried using Microsoft Expression Web 3 Super Preview and it looks very bad in those.

its like it is ignoring some of the CSS. can someone who actually has IE6 or IE7 take a look and give me some pointers on how to fix it?

I would really appreciate it.

A link would be nice

haha - oops sorry about that :blush:

  1. Axe 90% of your comments, they could be tripping rendering bugs in IE should the comments end up between two floats - in fact I’m seeing the double-render bug here in IE6.

Not only are you plagued with “Oh, no ****” comments like:
<!-- FOOTER –>
<div id=“footer”>

Useless pointless comment.

The placement of the “end of” ones are more likely tripping the rendering bugs I’m seeing here in 6. You don’t need to say “end of”, that’s what </div> MEANS… So just move it BEFORE the element close - and toss the CSS sigils in so you know if it’s closing a class or ID.
<!-- #footer –></div>

Dropping the opening comments as useless and replacing the closing comments with the style I showed above will at least eliminate the IE6 problems… As to 7… I’m not sure what’s going on, but:

  1. Axe 90% of your DIV,classes and ID’s as unneccessary. You’ve got so many wrappers for such a simple layout it’s a miracle it renders at all. Get rid of ALL the inlined styling, get a heading order in there that makes some sense, get rid of the classed spans for no reason inside the lists… Let’s see, what else… get the static javascript out of the markup, get the static STYLE out of the markup… and *** slap whoever thought that these:

… are a good idea for image URL’s.

When you have 18k of markup to deliver 676 BYTES of content on the page, you’ve got an overcomplicated mess that most developers would have to dump two thirds of which on the cutting room floor before even TRYING to fix it - though that kind of goes without saying with all that jquery animated nonsense and half a megabyte page sizes.