Probably a dumb question

Ok…I want to make a simple site that allows me to send updates many times an hour. The look would be basically like FARK…a list of simple, short posts. What would be the easiest way to do this? I’m not looking for a blog format, but just the posts, one line after the other. Thanks.


You’ll have to explain yourself a little better.

To me it sounds like you want Twitter but I’m probably just not understanding you.

I agree with Twitter, that’s exactly what it’s there for. Small quick posts that appear sequentially :slight_smile:

Let me try again…

I’m going to add a page to my existing website that lists “breaking news”. I will probably be updating the breaking news a few times an hour. I want the page to show the last 20 or so entries I have made. I need the headlines to show as a vertical list with a look very similar to the site FARK. I thought maybe there was an application or widget I could integrate into my site that would provide this function. Shout-box does basically what I need, but there is no way to format it so it looks like part of my page and not a separate “box”. Again, I’m going for a simple list look like Fark .

Maybe another way of asking my question is… How do you think the owner of Fark does his contant updates? Is it a custom made back end that allows him to enter new posts or do you think it’s a third party app/backend that he puts the new posts in, and it somehow updates on the page? I figure there has got to be a way to get that basic look without having to hire a developer to program it. Sorry if I’m dense…this is new to me.