Pro TLD Domain

Does anyone have experience with Pro TLD domains. I found a domain i really like 1 word dictionary ( for $3000 and the domain is also available as so i’m thinking that’ll help with confusion if anyone types it’ll go to… From my research and watching Google Webmaster Videos Google doesn’t care whether the domain is .vg, .pro .info they treat all domains equal as long its great content.

I just want to get other opinions before i spend few grand on a domain that’s not going to rank.

Google doesn’t care about the TLD, people however make assumptions. Still less and less sites are typed, more and more are searched / discovered / shared so it’s becoming that much less of an issue.

That said if is a similar type site I’d stay far away and really if you’re going to jump the TLD why jump for such a pricey one?

the .com is parked and highly doubt anyone is going to take it probably worth in the high 6 figures. its like if was parked and was available for $3000… pretty much the gamble i’m taking.