Printing w/firefox on Mac OSX

I can’t for the life of me get rid of the default print margins in Firefox for OSX.
This is possible to do in windows, but not in OSX it seems. Anyone found a way around this?

Thanks! :eye:

Anyone here needs to express their hobby?I am a graphic artist looking for a great printing device.Hope you can help me in this one,I find having a hard rime looking for my compatible printer.

Found your post when I was looking for help on the same exact thing with google.

I wonder if you already figured it out, but in case you didn’t, here’s how it’s done:

Create a new type of paper pre-setting. You know, that dropdown menu where you select the size of the paper (A4, US Letter, etc…).
The last selection in that dropdown lets you create a custom paper size.

Make one with very small margins, like 0.1 cm, and use it for your printing.

You could use Safari. It has a nice save/export to PDF function that is very handy.

I just noticed Firefox can do the PDF thing too (its an OS thing) - Macs rock.

Thought I’d follow up this one, since it ranks top when googling “firefox osx print margins”.

Finally got it to work.

What I did;

type in “about:config” in your address bar (without the quotes of course) and hit enter.

in the “Filter” field, type “print”.

Now change these values;

print.print_extra_margin 0

print.print_margin_bottom 0
print.print_margin_left 0
print.print_margin_right 0
print.print_margin_top 0

Now printing to PDF won’t add those pesky margins.

To make it work with your printer, follow the advice above about creating your own custom paper preset.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for this, I’d helped me a lot although just being a dirty workaround! Safari simply ignores my custom margin settings… they haven’t fixed this issue since it appeared a few years ago :-((