Print Version Not Working Right - Apple "Grab" Compatibility Problems?


I’m trying to build a print version of an invoice so sellers can print out a shipping packing slip for buyers. Here is the test page:

A seller is reporting problems. It appears fine on the computer screen, but they are using an image capture program called “Grab” for Apple where they can “capture” the page and print it directly. most of the text (except link text) is missing and the borders on the table are missing. The only thing that prints is images and hyperlink text.

They say the same thing happens when they copy and past into Word - It looks fine on the screen but the text and table borders are missing in the printout. Apparently other webpages print out fine - they are having problems with my page for some reason.

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the problem, it appears fine on my end in various browsers, although I do not have an Apple OS or the “Grab” capture software. I was wondering if anyone can test this page out and let me know if there is a way to fix it.

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Nevermind, The seller says it appears to be working properly now apparently. It could be their browser cache still have the old page code in memory.

Thanks for looking.
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Glad you got it sorted:)

We can’t be responsible for everything a client tries to do with a web page :slight_smile:

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