Print to HTML?

I am using an older program to do some work, and I want to save the output as an HTML file… (it’s a simple text based invoice)

I’ve seen programs that install a printer driver so you can “print to pdf”… so I’m looking for something similar that allows you to “print to HTML”…

Anybody heard of this kind of thing?

Henri Straforelli

What format file is it?

It’s in text format.

You know how you can set the options for printing to “print to file” instead of the printer? Well… with this program, it doesn’t let you do that. It just prints to the printer… so I need a driver that will print to a text file instead.


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You can set up the Generic/Text Only driver to a printer port of File: and you have a printer driver that prints to a file instead of a device.

You can also check out LiinosPrint at

Thanks Luke,

I didn’t see the “File” port previously. That’ll teach me not to scroll down!

Henri Straforelli