Print Screen In Javascript


I want a link on my website where when you press it, it print screens. somthing like,

<a href=printscrn();">Print Screen</a>

anyone any ideas?

not possible. Client side scripting is not for this kind of work…

You can do this kind of stuff using FLASH by sending byteArray to server and save it as an image but that would only be the screen shot of the Flash movie.

I will explain what I am trying to do.

I have built a 3d applet in javascript where you can build your own climbing frame by dragging in towers slides etc.

I have added a tool where when pressed it does an action. I was hopeing that when you press it, it print screens the climbing frame or copys and image of the applet onto the server or emails it, or just copys it.


See for how to add a print button to your page that uses JavaScript.