Print Problem CMYK

Making an effort to create my own artwork. I’m having several brochures printed out. Does someone know exactly what CMYK means since it makes my tones appear totally different?

CMYK is the type of color used in physical printing, and is quite different from RGB—kind of the opposite, in a weird way. You can do all sorts of things to calibrate your monitor to show colors differently, but in general, don’t expect screen color to look anything like print colors. The best thing to do is to get a printed 4-color process guide, which is a set of color samples similar to what you use at a paint shop to choose colors. It gives you an accurate idea of what the CMYK codes you choose on screen will look like when printed.

Discovered a clear explanation . CMYK means Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These are the basic 4 colours utilised in traditional printing. These 3 colours and black approximately correspond to primary colours that are mixed throughout the observable spectrum. This is one way printed colours can be produced. Setting your colours to CMYK will probably produce the best reflection of what the print will appear like. Got the print out done with them and it looks excellent.

Glad you found a solution. Thread Closed.