Print digital photos -- can print in NON 35mm proportions?

every place where you can print digital photos all the dimension options are dimensions of traditional 35mm proportions (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc)

is it possible anywhere to print a photo without having to crop for 35mm proportions? does paper in digital-photo proportions exist at all?

I find this very frustrating…

(and: do frames exist in digital-photo proportions? when will the “print” part of digital photography catch up to the new photo dimension-proportions?? I don’t get this…)

Good question! You are right in that when I think of all the available outlets that I could choose to print at they are still in standard paper sizes either set by a film legacy or the print industry. My work background is in print and so I am used to dealing in standard sizes and accommodating for it. Essentially it all comes down to price and what is available, at the moment the cheapest thing to do is continue to use standard sizes as machinery and supply are geared to that. As film becomes a thing of the past (especially with a large manufacturer like Kodak slowly culling film production), there will be changes I’m sure to the way that we are able to output images. At the moment a good guillotine and wasting some white paper is the easiest way to get non-standard prints. The hard part of this is that there’s less printing occuring because of the digital age too so the pricing of things becomes tricky again. The printers and materials aren’t cheap so businesses want to know they’ll actually make money out of their printers and not a loss, hardly appealing with a dwindling market.

You can try this site where it’s possible to turn your photos into print, canvas or even painting digitally.

There are printing shops which give you the option to customize your sizes. I guess there are few of them who can help you.