Preventing bot traffic with device fingerprinting tools

Device fingerprinting is a new technology widely applied for bot detection and prevention. And that’s a big issue if you’re buying ad network traffic

I’d like to hear your stand on the new technology. Has anyone tried it already?
Which tools did you use and what were your results?
It doesn’t seem like there are a lot of case studies in this area.

Never heard of it but from what I know ad networks can see hardware id and block bot traffic using it.


I guess they can. But I have a feeling that sometimes they don’t do it on purpose. That’s why there are still plenty of people on forums who’re unhappy with their ad network campaign results

You are incorrect, think of it like this, a publisher sends bot traffic, the ad network sends the bot traffic to one of their advertisers, the advertiser doesn’t make any conversion on the traffic and he pays the network per conversion, the network doesn’t get paid but it has to pay the publisher because they pay him on a CPM basis. Make a long story short, ad networks don’t like bot traffic.

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