Prevent https from loading?


I took a long break from webdesign but recently jumped back into it. I’m building a website and installed a SSL cert for my shopping cart but I have a problem.

Is there a way to prevent or redirect a person to another page if someone attempts to load https outside my store directory?

So basically I want https://www.mydomain/store/ to work, but I don’t want to work because I have non-secure links and people going there will have problems if they add the s. I’m also affraid of duplicate content problems if search engines see the website under https also.

I don’t know if the problem is with the SSL cert, or with htaccess, or something I’m missing all together.


Or you could have a server side script (php) do a check on index to see if the site is on HTTPS, if so then redirect to HTTP along with all the URI info.

So if I go to then it will redirect me to

Get my drift?

I believe you could do this using mod_rewrite in Apache. Try googling mod_rewrite to see if you can find some info