PrettyPhoto Titles Cut Off

I am using the Atlantica theme, and I am having a problem with the PrettyPhoto slideshow on Mac Firefox - for some reason, the title gets cut off on the top of the screen. Doesnt seem to happen in Safari… Any ideas of how to fix this ?

I am attaching a screenshot.

Thanks so much,

Hmm, not for me in Firefox Mac. The image stays the same size no matter what the window size. If the window isn’t as tall as the image, it starts to go off screen.

Try opening Firebug and then viewing the images - they actually get scaled down to fit the available area but the problem with the titles disappearing doesn’t occur so it doesn’t happen at all window sizes. So the problem’s with calculating the window height which is a problem with the js, not the CSS.

Try creating a reduced down version of the page stripping out everything that doesn’t need to be there to see if the problem persists.

Seems to me they are only cut off if the viewport (browser window) is not high enough to show the image and heading. There is a negative margin on the title of 15px (added by JavaScript, I think) but I don’t think that’s really the issue.

I’m on a Mac too; FF 3.6.10.

How weird. That’s exactly what I’m using. :confused:

EDIT: Ah, I see, the script looks at the screen size when it open the photo enlargement. Resizing the browser window after than doesn’t affect the image size. So the problem may bell be just the negative 15px margin on the title.