Prefilling Forms on a remote site I don't have control over

Hi all,

I run a project team at Cornell University, and we are looking to collect donations from alumni. The school has a “giving” website set up, which I want to link to from our organization’s site. The giving page is here:

However, when people access this page, via a link from our organization, I want some of the fields to be populated for them, IE: The second dropdown would be set to “other” and the comment box would include the name of our organization. This is just to ensure that people fill out the form correctly, and the money goes where it is supposed to. I’ve already explored the source code, and I won’t be able to do it via a GET or POST variable, because they aren’t being checked for.

Is there someway I could include javascript in the URL to fill in those boxes? Their ID’s can be determined from the page source.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your reply. I will get in contact with them. I was initially trying to avoid it, since working with the Bureaucracy here is a huge pain in the butt… But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?


No, that’s not feasable.

What can be done though is for you to liaise with the IT staff so that you can submit a similar form from your site to their page. Their page will pick up the values that you submitted, and apply those values to their form.

That requires the permission and modification of the way the page works on their side though.

Please note: web security experts have been working long and hard to help secure web sites, to try and reduce the amount of trouble that any other external web site can cause. You shouldn’t be lumped in with that crowd, but the techniques you’re wanting to apply are dramatically similar.

Liaise with the other team, and you should be able to come to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

If all else fails, they should be able to whip up a separate page on their site just for you, so that you can direct page to their specially customised page for you.