PR still matters - don't be fooled

About the looming debate about pr being in its decline - that it really doesn’t matter much, any more. As said by some of the “leading experts”.

That’s only partly true, I’ve discovered. Now with some of the thrid party explorer tools placing much less an emphasis on it’s attributed value.

This assessment is almost irrelevant. Because, the bottom line, is that operators of many sites are much likelier to respond to a link request for a site having the higher pr, all else equal. That is what is being missed here. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. It’s so intensely ingrained.

Then too, as G has such as proclivity to shift the playing field, one way and the next, to keep everyone off guard, pr might actually be made to mean more in the future than it has in the past.

What you have said may be true but let it build up in a natural way (with time) and without much worrying about it. Better to concentrate on the contents of the site.

The site must achieve critical mass for exposure. Contents are off to a leading start, and have been.

What the “leading experts” say must be that PR is usually used as a “score” to measure the reputability of a site, but then again, they said that there are reputable sites with low PRs. That could be one of the reasons why they’re not paying that much attention to it. Besides, the PR that we see is the toolbar PR. It’s true that it could be a ranking factor in the future, and I also agree that it could be a factor that affects the approval rate of your link building efforts.

I think it still matters. It is just that there are many more other variables right now and it is more productive if we focus more on something we have more control.

This still matter, you can use this as tool for your website stat.

As per my point of view, Page Rank is still important. Because, high PR websites will get crawling by Google faster than lower PR websites. And, moreover all webmaster’s try to get link back from high PR websites only…

[font=verdana]It makes virtually no difference. Google will crawl your page more frequently if it is a long-standing page with a good reputation and is frequently updated. PageRank barely comes into it.

Webmasters who are only interested in getting links from high PR pages are likely to be sorely disappointed, because sites that have high PR are unlikely to be giving out links too freely, and if they do then those links will be of little value because the PR will be divided between so many links.[/font]

Definitely PR matters, but there are lots of websites which do not have good PR but still their business is growing very rapidly.

I think it interesting that in 2010 toolbar PR was only updated once, yet in 2011 it happened five times. In terms of backinks, I didn’t get many requests to place a link on my site when my home page was PR0 but do now that it is PR4 and so I would agree that it remains the main factor for many who are looking to build links.

After attending two SEO Trainings in 2007 and in 2010, I seem to realize that page rank is simply one of the considerations of a good quality site. Many people give much value to page rank because it’s what they see first or it’s what they are taught to believe. However, the truth of the matter is - a site has high quality once its contents are creatively-done, regularly updated and its link is regularly circulated around the web. In real life, a page rank is like judging a person with his physical appearance. It’s irrelevant to say a person is intelligent simply because of his/her good looks.

Well, in my view its just that some people have taken a hit from the google’s penguin and panda updates which is why they say that PR isn’t valued anymore. However PR is still valued when backlinks are exchanged. In my view PR is as good as it was before and will have the same value as it ever did. What do you guys say?

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