Posting HTML in an MVC action?

So I have a form with a text area on it, and I need to post it. I can’t encode it (as far as I know) client side, prior to submit, and it causes the yellow screen of death before reaching the HttpPost action handler.


Are you using the [ValidateInput(false)] flag?

Yes, I am. But I found out that I also need to set a flag in web.config as well.

.NET 4 handles things in a different order. To revert you need to also do this:

<httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" />

Ah, I see. :slight_smile:

Off topic: I’m running VS2008, do I need to upgrade to use .NET 4? What about EF4?

You know, I’m just not sure. I haven’t tried any 4.0 specific code in 2008.