Post or Thread

Can any one tell me that post or thread are different or same.

A thread is a discussion around one topic.
A thread is made up of multiple posts.

or, put another way:

A post is a message. It’s an individual item.
A thread is a group of posts on a single topic.

Does that help?

See here:

So sir can you tell me why always my post is Zero (0), I submit 5-6 posts and i participate on many discussion…Is there is any requirement.

Yes. It’s because posts in General Discussions don’t count towards your post count.

So why your posts is 4735 and my 0…Why this difference.

Because I have made 4735 posts in forums other than GD (which is actually frightening when you put it in words :))

Thanks Pullo…

You clear all my doubt…

I would think that I, personally, have by far more posts in GD than in any other forum. Possibly I would more than double my post count if posts in GD were included…

Which indicates the amount of silly things I can say in just one min :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a special talent, @molona. Be proud of it. :slight_smile: