Possible To Log Link Clicks And replace Links Inside iFrames?


If you place iFrame on your site then is possible to log clicks to links shown inside iFrame ? Talking about links to different domain links. Third party links.
If possible then how ?
Can do with top frame & lower frame ?
Bottom frame show you third party pages you choose to view.
Top frame do logging. Log what page just loaded, from third party domain, on iFrame.

And, is possible to change links shown inside iFrame ? Again, talking about different domain links. Third party links.

Say iframe is on your homepage in yourdomain.com.
Now if your homepage has iframe opening to google homepage then all links present on google homepage should be preceded by a string. Is this possible to do ? Possible to replace links that get shown inside iFrame ?
Example, google homepage links to yahoo homepage.
Now, when iFrame fetch google homepage and display it on your browser, the google page should not link to
yahoo directly but by a doorway page.
Link instead to:

That way, when you click Yahoo link in iFrame then you go to your domain first for click tracking before get forward to destination. Just like web proxies replace links.
Link replacement happening in clientside. Not serverside.
So how you do it ? Can do with javascript ?

Google will not allow https://www.google.com to be loaded
in an “iframe element”


Thanks. Forget google. That was just example.
Imagine, I got iFrame on my homepage. Now I want iFrame load to your homepage page. When visitor click any link inside iFrame, like order page, then that page click should be logged. That way, I findout I sent customer to your order page.
Don’t wish to get loading your page via web proxy as they are serverside consuming my website bandwidth. So, chosen iFrame to do the job instead as they are clientside. Eat client bandwidth. Not my server bandwidth.

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