Possible to integrate a library in an application?


If I am developing an application using HTML/CSS/Javascript. Say, I have a table with lot of records and I want to search something. This is a complex search. If someone has already created this search feature in React library, is it possible to use this only search feature which was implemented using React in my application? I am wondering if , without converting my code to react, I could use that feature to get the desired results? Thanks


React is a library for building user interfaces. You wouldn’t use it to create a complex search (maybe the UI for that search, but not the search itself). Search functionality is normally implemented server-side.

Not sure if that answers your question or not…

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You are right. Someone has implemented that part in the React where the UI has search functionality where they are querying the database and whatever UI side stuff is needed, is done on the client side. I am wondering if this can be used is I could use that part without converting my application to React.


No, it’s for people already using React. You would not want to drop in random React components into a non-React application.

What you’re probably looking for is some kind of typeahead or autocomplete. There are lots of libraries for that.


Do you think doing something like this could be useful? I am assuming this might keep my HTML/CSS/Javascript code in one place and React code and its libraries at one place.

Actually, I will have to use that React thing since that was specifically developed for something that I need.Not sure if I should switch to React or continue using my existing application.


Switching to React is a big deal if you’re not familiar with it or any of the tooling that’s required. What is the library?


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I’m aware of partial migrations to React, it’s not advisable especially if all you’re using it for is one component. Imgur famously did a partial React migration, so has Plex Server. It’s not advisable unless you’re planning on moving everything to it.


To be more specific, there’s something that someone has developed in other team using React and I am thinking how should I go about incorporating that specific functionality in my code where I need it.

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Gotcha, that makes way more sense.

In that case, using the partial might be ok as long as you don’t try to do this with a bunch of different components and import them all individually. If you have other internal teams using React, I would highly suggest taking a look at it to start using it for the full application. It’s a great set of libraries.


I see. So, that person has used some other components I believe to make that implementation/functionality work. I am only dealing with one person right now and not any other team. Do you still think it would be possible to migrate that react based implementation to my code where I need it?


I mean, anything is possible but I have no idea what kind of code base or app you’re talking about.


Ok. I’ll try to figure it out. Thanks for your inputs.

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