Positioning photos

what is the correct way of positioning photos in CSS? I need atleast two photos side by side and two below them. Usually I would use a table but I’m trying to do it all in css without tables.

Thank you

depends, do you want them flush against a side, centered? Do you want the number per line to change if there’s enough screen width? Are they just images or are you going to have text above or below them?

We basically need more information than that as there’s SO many ways to present them using CSS – from floats to inline-block… with a myriad of different wrapping methods.

Though if LITERALLY all you want is them flush against each-other left justified, put a fixed width wrapper around them equal to the total width across of two images, and just float them.

Thank you. I have been searching the internet and came across a tut which has helped me. I’m going to use a gallery made with a UL

thanks again