Positioning Dragged Dropped Object

I have seen absolute positioning used in every tutorial on dragging and dropping an HTML element to position the dropped element. My question is does absolute positioning make it hard for the page to be a responsive page. If so how does one get around this issue?

No, the page can continue to be designed to be responsive with media queries and such. All the absolute positioning is doing is pulling the element out of the flow of the page and positioning it in relation to the page (or another element if it is nested in that element).

For the element being dragged and dropped, it can also be sized with percentages or with media queries and dropped on other elements that are also responsive. I haven’t seen any particular issue with that.

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You can drop the dragged element into a container that is in the flow and just append it to that container rather than absolutely positioning it.

Here’s an example that came from a drag and drop question on the forum a few weeks ago.

It may not be what you meant but hope its of some use.:slight_smile:

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