Positioning an image


I want some help, please.

In this page - the egg image is going a bit upwards while it comes absolutely correct [url=http://bit.ly/pCM9kJ]in this one

This is because some fields like “sex”, “subject”, “department” etc. in the previous link are missing.

Those fields are optional so they will appear in some pages and not appear in some pages. What should I do so that the egg position is like in the second link in all cases?

Any help is appreciated.

The eggimage div is positioned by means of a negative top margin, and as its original position depends upon the preceding content, which is variable, it’s not a reliable method.

An alternative would be to absolutely position the div within it’s parent div.

The parent has three classes applied: jr_pgContainer jr_itemDetail hReview-aggregate, so firstly apply position:relative to one of these so that child elements may be absolutely positioned in relation to its boundaries. For example:

.jr_itemDetail {

Then remove the float, margin-top and margin-right from .eggimage, and apply position:absolute; top:82px; and right:50px;

.eggImage {
	position: absolute;
	top: 82px;
	right: 50px;
	padding: 0 1em;

Thanks Victorinox!! It worked like a charm!! :slight_smile:

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