Position question

Hi all,

I have created a curved content box, at the top of this box I have a cci logo floated to the left and a find out more tab floated to the right, my problem is how can i position the tab so it is flush with the curved content box like the cci logo, i have added a margin-top of 83px to the tab which does the trick but is this the correct way of positioning the tab?

Page is at http://kylehouston.com/testing/test/test.html

Thanks in advance!


hmm… there are several ways to approach this…

I believe I would put the tab inside the about_cci_outer div. Then give the about_cci_outer position:relative;

Then give the tab position:absolute;top:-20px;right:10px;

The top and right numbers above are just guesses, you will have to play around to find the proper value for your preferred placement.

A quick solution would be to change your .about_cci_more { margin:0 10px 0 0 } to margin:83px 10px 0 0

Hey Rusty, yeah thats a great way also,

Thanks Barry, thats the method i was using was just wondering if there was a better way.

Thanks guys!

If you use the positioning method, don’t forget to remove your float:right from the tab. It will not be needed if you’re using absolute positioning.