Position center vertically? How to do this?

Hello everyone!

I have text-align: center to position horizontally but I need position vertically too.

vertical-align: middle doesn’t work.

You’ll need to supply a context so that we can help you as we have no idea of what needs to be vertically aligned in respect of what.

Vertical align middle only applies to inline elements or table cells. It does not vertically align block elements.

Please supply html and css and describe what you would like to happen.

Here is a index.html (right click on source).

JPG of this portfolio is here: https://ibb.co/X39Mk4t

It will be Responsive Web Design for 5 sizes.
The problem jest with text: “Zaufalo nam wielu. Zaufaj i Ty.” and with footer.

Add this extra css to your page after the original rule.


If you want the footer text moved to the vertical middle of the fixed height footer then add display:flex to .footer.

You may want to brush up on your flexbox skills so take some time to look through this article. :slight_smile:

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