Position:absolute and z-index make the a link can't click?


the navigation of all the links are can’t click which at the center of the page, the position:absolute and z-index caused it. if i don’t delete the z-index. is there a way to correct it?

if have to remove the z-index in the #menu and that will solve the issue but i want the #top lay upon the menu lay,how should i do? thank you


It’s best to avoid absolute positioning unless there’s a specific need for it.
If you remove position: absolute; and add margin-top: 44px; to the menu it will appear correctly.

Or if you want to use absolute positioning, you can just add position: relative; and a higher z-index to #top so that it is above menu.


position absolute should only be used when you really need it, like for a dropdown menu.

except when you’re andy clarke